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Unlimited Validity Price
WIFI 2MBPS 30 Days Rs 400/-
WIFI 5MBPS 30 Days Rs 600/-
WIFI 10MBPS 30 Days Rs 800/-
WIFI 2MBPS 90 Days Rs 1100/-
WIFI 5MBPS 90 Days Rs 1600/-
WIFI 10MBPS 90 Days Rs 2200/-
WIFI 2MBPS 7 Days Rs 100/-
WIFI 5MBPS 7 Days Rs 150/-
WIFI 10MBPS 7 Days Rs 200/-


Data Usage Valididty Price
WIFI 5GB (10 MBPS) 30 Days Rs 100/-
WIFI 10GB (10 MBPS) 30 Days Rs 200/-
WIFI 25GB (10 MBPS) 30 Days Rs 400/-
WIFI 50GB (10 MBPS) 30 Days Rs 600/-
WIFI 2GB (10 MBPS) 7 Days Rs 70/-
WIFI 4GB (10 MBPS) 7 Days Rs 90/-
WIFI 10GB (10 MBPS) 7 Days Rs 150/-




We built a dedicated network especially for those who always need to be connected and dont't like to wait.

  • How do I access Broadmax Wi-Fi?

             If you have a Wi-Fi enabled device then follow the simple steps below:

1.    Turn on Wi-Fi on your device, select BROADMAX-WIFI from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

2.   Wait for the BROADMAX login page to appear or open an internet browser(on your device) and type http://login.broadmax.in in the address bar.

Enter your BROADMAX Id, password, and click on login. If you aren't already a member with BROADMAX-Wifi ? Click on sign up to register for your account today.

  • Where can I access Broadmax Wi-Fi?

          Broadmax will continue adding Wi-Fi services across major hotels, coffee shops, retail outlets, educational institutes, sports clubs and hospitals in India. To locate the nearest hotspot, please check www.Broadmax.in area Franchise.


          Contact Your Local Operator For Broadmax Wifi Service.

  • What surfing speeds will I get at the Broadmax-Wi-Fi?

          Broadmax Wi-Fi supports speeds From 2Mbps up to 10Mbps.

  • Do we have to pay extra tax on wifi plans rates ?

          No. The Plan Prices are tax Included.

  • Do we Require Any Installation?

          No. As It Works On Wifi So Just need Wifi Enabled Device.