Corporate Profile

Benchmarked to the world’s best, but focused on Mumbai City

Broadmax is the leading internet service provider in the city of Mumbai where we deliver multi company broadband services through our own Ethernet cable networks. We have one of the largest fiber optic networks in Mumbai and use the very latest in technology. We understand that each users requirements are unique and so our communication consultants are always at hand to understand your particular requirement and offer you customised solutions.
Broadmax has also partnered with some of the world’s industry leaders to ensure high uptime and optimum levels of service. From our association with leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider EdgeCast to our range of Internet Peering partners, we specifically select partners that will suit our strategic objectives. We started our operations in mid 2007 covering the entire expanse from Vile Parle to the end of Andheri. Today, our services also extend up to all over Maharasthra via wireless connectivity and we comprehensively cover the entire Mumbai City.
Our values centre around:
  • Honesty and transparency in business transactions
  • Highest levels of Customer Satisfaction
  • Prompt service
  • High Reliability and high quality of service at reasonable prices

Utility based approach to serve customers

We are a customer centric business organisation the believes in growing through customer satisfaction. To this end, we use technology, people friendly approach to relationships and value for money pricing to ensure that our offerings are always beneficial to our customers. We understand that internet connectivity today is no longer a luxury, but a real necessity that is as important as electricity and water. Hence we take a utility based approach to our business and serve the customer to the best of our abilities.